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A Little About Winning XI

Well, to start off, our main area of expertise is CM 03/04 and FM 2005/2006. We've been playing games by Sports Interactive for many years, so we thought we'd share our expertise with you, the community. We've also pledged to 'study' Football Manager 2006 for as long as it takes to get a thorough understanding of the game. That's right, we won't just be playing it all night for the sake of it. We will be 'researching' the game. That's it.

We also like to include hints and tips from the community at large. With so many people playing the Championship Manager series; FM 2005; and FM 2006; there is a large pool of experience that offers many gems of wisdom - and we like to help people share those gems. We all have something to learn from and share with fellow CM/FM players.

We now have a blog charting our take on tactics, transfers and training -- and of course, the progress of our online game. It is a good read, both for information and entertainment. So, once again, visit our FM blog!

So to contribute your piece of information to Winning XI, or to let us know what you think of the site (good or bad!), please use the contact form on the contribute page or the feedback page. Thank you in advance for any contributions or feedback.